Classic Express Pedicure……. $25

Relax as we give your feet the attention they need, deserve and crave…
Our express service include the following offering:

  1. Reshaping your nails
  2. Cleaning your cuticles
  3. Gentle exfoliation of your feet and legs with our sugar scrub followed by soothing feet massage sure to bring pleasant relaxation

* This procedure comes complete with your choice of solid polish

Deluxe Essential Pedicure……. $35

Sit back close your eyes in our state-of-the-art massage chairs while we pamper your feet with our invigorating customer favorite deluxe pedicure…

  1. Indulge in our signature exfoliation procedure
  2. Callus treatment and minty mask process
  3. We stimulate and wrap your feet in hot towels to awaken energy flow
  4. Finally, we end this treatment with our hot basalt stone stress relief massage which will bring with it an enjoyable calming nature

* This procedure comes complete with your choice of solid polish

Basalt Hot Stone Pedicure……. $45

Indulge your mind, body and soul with our hot stone pedicure… 

  1. All the deluxe essentials pedicure included plus 8 basalt stones slowly and deeply rubbed over your entire legs and feet
  2. Hot stones are used to melt stress and pain away from the legs and feet
  3. Followed by our feet massage with a non-oily, intense hydrating treatment for a silky smooth and glowing look and feel.

* This procedure comes complete with your choice of solid polish

Highland Candle Therapy……. $45

Premiering in Las Vegas the Candle Massage Pedicure is a healing and nurturing experience!(specifically made to be applied safely on the body)

Your pedicure begins with a burning candle to warm up your heart and bring a romantic sensual feeling to your skin. After cuticle cleaning, callus treatment and feet exfoliation, incredibly rich and sensual oils from the burning candle will be poured directly over your legs and feet.

Your feet will be masked by candle oil, then a deep tissue basalt-hot-stone massage melting the mask to blend the natural moisturizing agent deeply into your skin to make it silky smooth, soft and glowing.

Master Technician Special Note:

Massage Candle is the first and only candle that is truly healthy for your skin and the environment offering the following benefits:

  1. Candle therapy is used to unite the powers of mind, body, and spirit
  2. Massage candles are known to have healing and soothing properties
  3. Massage candles have anti-aging properties and health benefits for the skin
  4. Candles also leave a long-lasting scent that can affect your mood in a very positive way leaving you feeling very satisfied and calmer disposition

Aromatherapy Peppermint Pedicure……. $50


Relax and beautify your feet…

  1. You will soak in our jiffy chair with fresh minty mint leaves
  2. Hot stone included
  3. We add our cooling collection of natural peppermint essential oil to deliver a brisk cooling sensation as rich emollients
  4. Exotic fruit extracts and nourishing butters work to smooth, hydrate, and refine your feet to a soft silky touch
  5. Your feet will be left feeling tingly fresh and cleanly stimulated

Chocolate Pedicure ……. $58


Are you a Choco-holic having chocolate cravings? This pedicure was created and designed especially for you… Introducing our fine Chocolate Spa Pedicure.

  1. Indulge in a luxurious treat for your feet in our creamy chocolate mineral foot bath
  2. Plunge into our chocolate scrub
  3. Hot stone massage is complemented with our chocolate butter cream
  4. Relax into a warm and comforting paraffin wax treatment where silky smooth decadent feet never felt so delicious
  5. This chocolate pedicure utilizes cocoa for a nourishing, slimming and relaxing treatment. and of course…Some chocolate (complimentary) will complete your choco-holic experience…an infectious experience!

Jelly Jellous Pedicure……. $58


Have you ever experienced anything like this before? Jelly pedi is the hottest NEW trend for celebrities in Hollywood beauty spa’s
…A real WOW factor!

Jelly pedi is truly a unique spa experience. The benefits of thi treatment: detoxifies as it softens, cleans and exfoliates your skin while providing relaxing aromatherapy.  The benefits to you are as follows:

  1. Unlike a regular salt or mineral soak, jelly pedi turns the water into a luxurious encasing comfort, providing the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles
  2. Helps to remove toxins
  3. Stimulates blood circulation
  4. Exfoliate with our signature scrub and paraffin wax treatment
  5. The grand finale is a hot stone massage, including extra massage time for longer lasting benefits and results

Yummy – Ice Cream Sundae Pedicure……. $60

We have a variety of delicious flavors to choose from.

This ice cream pedicure begins with you choosing a Me! Bath Ice Cream Ball…

  1. We use the ice cream ball to create a foaming foot soak
  2. With a quick plop, plop, fizz, fizz, your feet are in the water being stimulated down to the tips of your toes
  3. Minerals are being released to revitalize your feet as the room fills with an relaxing aroma
  4. After your sugar-scrub exfoliation, you will receive a delicious creamy marshmallow mud mask and “body icing
  5. This experience will make your feet feel like you’ve just stepped into a giant soft marshmallow cloud
  6. Hot Stone included

Escape to Fiji Pedicure……. $65

The Fiji pedicure is an organic delight…
 Your feet will love you and the earth will thank you!   (100% organic product) 

  1. We use 100% Fiji certified organic virgin coconut oil
  2. Your skin will be enriched with the most effective nourishing, moisturizing and natural exfoliating procedure
  3. Especially great to slough off dead skin cells to promote cell rejuvenation while the  anti-oxidant rich coconut oil penetrates the skin
  4. This replenishes and moisturizes with nourishing vitamins
  5. Revel in soaking your feet in the Fiji bath soak, exfoliate with our Fiji scrub, deep paraffin wax to leave your feet feeling soft and smooth
  6. Additionally, we will massage your feet with our hot stones, melting away stress and pain in your legs and feet.
  7. This treatment is completed with a soft touch of our warm Fiji body butter leaving your skin smooth, silky soft and glowing